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Dare to Defy

On September 28, 2014, close to 3,000 athletes will line up at the starting line to begin a feat like no other; 2.4-mile swim down the Tennessee River, 110-mile bike ride along the foot of Lookout Mountain and 26.2-mile marathon through the streets of downtown Chattanooga.  It's the Chattanooga Ironman.  Amongst all the professional and amateur triathletes is a father who has never competed in a bike race, swam more than 5 laps in a pool, or completed a full marathon.  But on this day, he will do them all for his son, Tristin.

Meet Jason Greer!

(Tristin and Jason)

Jason Greer is a Chattanooga fireman, business owner, husband and most importantly, father of three boys.  In 2010, Jason and his family's life changed forever when, then 13 year old, Tristin was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer that is more prevalent amongst babies and toddlers, not teenagers.  For the last three years, Tristin and his family have crisscrossed the country for clinical trials and state of the art treatments.  While Tristin's cancer is stable, the fight never ends. 

Jason has told Tristin that even though there will be difficult times, you can never give up.  You can defy all the odds.  But how do you show your son about the importance of never giving up?  Do something that is completely out of character for you.   Something that you will have to fight harder than you ever have to complete.  When Jason saw that the Ironman had selected Chattanooga as a site in 2014, he knew this would be his fight.

Not only is Jason doing this for Tristin, he is doing it for all the other children and their families who are fighting similar types of battles as Tristin.   Jason has starting a fundraising campaign so that he may give back to the organizations who have helped his family through these difficult times; Emily's Power for a Cure Neuroblastoma Foundation and Make a Wish of East Tennessee.

As Jason trains for the next 11 months, he will require physical and mental toughness like he's never experienced.  But a team of supporters is what he needs most.  Please help Jason get to the finish line by becoming a sponsor of his journey or by making a donation today! 

Click HERE to learn how you may sponsor Jason's amazing journey.

Donations may be made by credit card (fill out form below) or by check made payable to EPFAC (please indicate Dare to Defy in the notes) and sent to Emily's Power for a Cure, P.O. Box 1387, Hixon, TN 37343.  All donations will be evenly divided between Emily's Power for a Cure and Make a Wish Foundation of East Tennessee.

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