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The CT Ranch


In 2008, Emily's Power for a Cure pledged $300,000 to Erlanger's Children's Hospital in Chattanooga, TN for the purchase of it's first ever pediatric CT scanner.  With those funds, "The CT Ranch", a child-friendly western-themed imaging suite, housing the CT scanner, opened its doors in 2011.  This scanner greatly benefits the lives of children with cancer and make it easier to diagnose and treat many childhood illnesses. 

More than 5,000 pediatric CT scans per year have been performed at The CT Ranch.  According to Byron Stutz, Chief Radiologic Technologist at Children's Hospital, "A major benefit of this dedicated pediatric CT Scanner is that we were first in the region to buy the latest state of art scanner with the product known as ASIR which achieves a 45% radiation reduction in dose to the patient.  Radiation reduction is important to all but even more so with cancer patients. Many of our young patients receive more than one exam, which is why lower dose radiation is even more critical."

More importantly, though, is that many of Emily's Power for a Cure's children have passed through The Ranch's doors, multiple times.  For many of these parents, like Lulu Singleton, mother of Gabriel Singleton, "The CT Ranch is such a peaceful and serene place.  It made Gabriel feel safe."  That is exactly how the Ransom's want every child to feel who passes through the door.  Emily didn't get the same opportunity, but through her memory (and image on the wall), she is welcoming other children to her safe ranch.